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Wooden eurowindows from a pine, an oak, etc.

Wooden windows are made of a triple laminated beam with a radial saw cut of lamellae making them resistant to bending or cracking and considerably extending window lifetime.
Impregnations and varnishes used for coating of wooden windows prevent early aging, deterioration of wood quality, internal and external rot.
Wooden windows are made of environmentally friendly materials.
Water-based paints and varnishes used for coating and staining do not emit harmful vapours.
Wooden windows can be made in any shape: from traditional to unusual to accent the individual style of an apartment or interior. Wooden windows may be made in any architectural style, from classic to hi-tech.

Characteristics of wooden eurowindows

  • Glued beam of three lamellas with fibres in different directions;
  • Beam width is 78 mm;
  • Glass unit is up to 42 mm wide;
  • Lower horizontal planes are covered with aluminium sills that ensures optimal protection of the most vulnerable places from weather factors;
  • It is possible to make constructions of a combined beam;
  • Instead of one lamella out of pine (external or internal) another lamella is made of exotic species of wood;
  • It is possible to make constructions of exotic species of wood.

Wood species and their characteristics:

Tree species Hardness kgf / sq.m.
Birch 2,8
Beech 4,1
Cherry 3,3
Grab 3,5
Oak 4,2
Maple 3,5-4,8
Merbau 4,9
Nut 5
Pine 1,8
Ash 4,7
Larch 3,8
Types of wooden eurowindows
Eurowindows from a pine
Eurowindows from an oak
Eurowindows from a larch
Eurowindows from meranti
Wooden-aluminum windows
Windows Hi-tech
Wooden accordion door
Sliding doors
дерев'яні євровікна для лазні
дерев'яні євровікна для лазні

It is possible to perform painting with an accuracy of 97% to the color provided by the customer. You can use another non-standard option: combined painting of eurowindows. The color of the eurowindow on the street is different from the color inside the room.
  When you choose a color for wooden windows, a set of paints is offered. Painting is made with the use of imported water-based paints, which ensures complete environmental friendliness.
  Among the main color options for wooden windows are the following: white, bleached oak, several shades of yellow, walnut, red, and dark colors, Ral colors.
  Through the coating you can see the structure of the tree, which is visible at certain angles.
  Each color plays differently on different breeds of wood of wooden eurowindows and has the shades. This is due to the fact that each species of wood in its own way absorbs the primer and paint. Therefore, the same paint has a different resulting color on different species of wood. Just like the same species of tree, but from different batches, can look different. It depends on where the tree grew, the amount of rain in a given year. All this is reflected in the structure of the fibers and annual rings of the tree.
  On denser areas of wooden windows, the paint is absorbed to a lesser extent and looks different. The looser structure of the wood gives a darker color to the wooden windows as a result.
  When you choose a color for wooden windows, you need to take into account the fact that wooden windows are made of natural material, so the same windows will be different colors. Different shades in wooden eurowindows emphasize the naturalness of the material used.

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